The Eight Track Museum taking the show on the road


The Eight Track Museum is pleased to announce that the world's only museum dedicated to 8 track tapes and technology will open the second only museum dedicated to 8 track tapes and technology this October in Roxbury, New York. This permanent outpost of the Dallas museum will be located in the historic Roxbury Corner Store building and will be operated in conjunction with the Orphic Gallery - an art gallery featuring only music related art. The grand opening will be October 13th from 4-8 pm and feature the unveiling of the world's rarest 8 track and a meet & greet with Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth.

The Meet & Greet

Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth of Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club fame will hold court at the grand opening of the NY Eight Track Museum on October 13th from 6-8 pm. Chris and Tina have been making waves together ever since they helped invent New Wave with the Talking Heads in the mid-70's. As if the Heads were not pioneering enough for one couple, they took the world by surprise with their debut Tom Tom Club album in 1981 that contained three top ten hits, including the most heavily sampled song ever, "Genius Of Love." Tom Tom Club have just released their new 5 song EP, Downtown Rockers, and will embark on an extensive tour in late 2012.

Eight Track Museum founder James "Big Bucks" Burnett served as archivist to Frantz and Weymouth in 2008. Burnett released the live Tom Tom Club album Genius Of Live as a limited edition 8 track in 2011, and designed their Tip Top Records logo. Having attended the grand opening of the first Eight Track Museum in Dallas on Feb. 14, 2011, the couple will help inaugurate the Roxbury location with a casual meet & greet and hang with their fans and fans of formats.

The Exhibition

Concerning this momentous occasion, Bucks Burnett has remarked: "I'm very glad to be opening a second location of The Eight Track Museum in Roxbury. Musical formats are a very important part of music history. We will never hear Mozart playing Mozart because there were no formats during his heyday. The 8 track would have served him well."

The show will be comprised of eight tracks and players from the museum's collection, eight track merchandizing displays, and illustrations of the technology from sources diverse as advertising copy to patent drawings. Also on display will be installations highlighting the central role of the automobile in the development of eight track technology - Conceived in Cars - and the unique dilemma of bootlegging that confronted the eight track industry which was one of the music business's first major confrontations with widespread piracy - Hot Wired from the Start.

One special feature of this exhibit will be The Timeline of Musical Technology that will trace the development of the technical means of reproducing music for the mass market from wax cylinders to mp3s with an emphasis on the place of eight track tapes in that continuum. To illustrate the progression of these technological developments the exhibit will showcase means of musical storage from phonograph records to CDs, and devices on which they were broadcast ranging from record players to boom boxes. For this exhibit the gallery will display specimens of musical technology from The Eight Track Museum's permanent collection and also examples loaned by private collectors.

Also during the opening, the Museum will be continuously showing Spinal Tape, Bucks Burnett's trackumentary. 20 years in the making, this unreleased film is a celebrity packed video love letter to the 8 track tape. Interviewees include Tiny Tim, Jimmy Page, Talking Heads and many others.

The Sinatra

The icing on this stupendous curatorial confection: the museum exhibiting for the first time at the Roxbury opening the rarest and most treasured 8 track tape. The album entitled Sinatra/Jobim, a collaboration between Frank Sinatra and Antonio Carlo Jobim, is known to afficionados of the format as The Sinatra.

Set to be released in 1969, the 8 track versions of Sinatra/Jobim were the first format manufactured and shipped. For some reason, subject to intense speculation in the 8 track world, the release of the album was called off, manufacturing of the LPs and cassettes was cancelled before the process was even started, and the eight tracks, the only production in any format of this project, were immediately recalled and destroyed.

Less than five of the 8 tracks are believed to have survived the edict to annihilate the lot and these modest yellow cartridges with the Greyhound bus cover art remain the most valuable and elusive holy grail to 8 track collectors. One of the Sinatras, a gift to the Dallas museum from an anonymous donor, will command its own room in the Roxbury Eight Track Museum, available at last for public viewing.